Lightweight design, which does not compromise the stiffness and strength of the housings. Equipped with sealed roller bearings, to ensure a high protection degree against contaminants -> fully encapsulated housing.

No slamming towards the opening position due to an optimal integrated cushioning system. No flow valve required.

Compact gripper clamps with toggle-joint mechanism, to secure the workpiece clamping in case of air loss: the jaws remain locked in closed position. Mainly used to hold the workpiece on edges or through holes − from above or below − and to transfer parts. Easy field adjustment of the opening angle, from the rear or front side of the gripper clamp, WITH THE SHORTEST SET-UP TIME IN THE MARKET.

Complete reliability of the angle adjustment over time integrated mechanism secures the adjusted position and prevents any sliding or opening angle displacement. A retain mechanism secures the adjustment tool in its seat and prevents the Allen wrench to fall down during the adjustment procedure. Even without air, the clamp can be toggle-locked through the adjustment means.

Manual release button

Integrated manual operation

Pneumatic ports on both sides of the cylinder

All the devices are lubricated for life

Pneumatic gripper clamps

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High compensation pneumatic gripper clamps

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